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Dusting things off for 2016!
ambyr wrote in yuletide_dc
Late but not forgotten: who would be interested in a Yuletide write-in for 2016? There's been discussion over in yuletide about holding something on December 6 or 8 at Potter's House. Does that work for people? Are there other days and times that would be better?

I've finished reviewing source material; now I need support to start writing!

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potters House sounds good! I'm tied up on the 6th but can do the 8th

I need to get writing! I think I could attend either of those days.

The 8th would be better for me, I think. What time?

(I have Yuletide and a canon holiday exchange fic to get cracking on, so I really need the discipline!)

Great! I'm saying 7 pm on the 8th at Potter's House. (Other people can arrive earlier if they want, of course, I just don't guarantee to be there before then.)

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