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Additional write-ins
Moira fucking MacTaggert
tricksterquinn wrote in yuletide_dc
Is anyone interested in having further write-ins? There's still another month!

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Very interested, but I've been out of town most of November! I will be back in December--please do propose some dates :-).

Awesome, ok! My concern is that my place is pretty tiny, so I guess maybe a coffeeshop (if no one else wants to host, anyway).

I would offer my house, but I just moved at the beginning of the month, and then promptly spent the rest of the month out of town, so it's boxes everywhere, basically! Maybe I can get it cleaned up enough to host a New Year's party :-). In the meantime, well, Teaism is a classic for a reason but we can always try somewhere else if you've got suggestions.

I could do something on Sunday, December 15, as long as it's before 2pm or after 7pm--would that maybe be a workable weekend day?

I would love a weekend one. I live in NoVa and the thought of driving into the city during the week breaks me out in hives. ;)

I'm also in NoVa, so basically YES.

I should check with the housemates, but I'd be happy to host something on the MD side come December.

Sounds good - weekends would also work better for me (but not Thanksgiving weekend).

Yes! I am finally shaking free of RL and getting ready to buckle down on Yuletide, so YES.

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