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December Write In
writing--it mocks me
tjs_whatnot wrote in yuletide_dc
Nano is almost over and so now is the time for Yuletide shenanigans!

I'd love to do a write-in on December 8th at a centrally located, easily accessible from the Metro (with lots of caffeine) type place. I'm not overly familiar with inside the Beltway, so I will leave the details as to where to any of you interested.

Also time is negotiable.

Let's just DO THIS!

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Me too! I'm hoping for teaism on a week night :) but that's just me, I'm flexible.

Yeah, I live in the middle of nowhere Va, so week nights, sadly, don't work for me. A few others said similar. I'm sure you can find a few who are as flexible though.

Sounds cool

I also wouldn't mind some place that has parking nearby - maybe in the suburbs? I know Bethesda has both weekend parking and a metro station downtown, but a Northern Virginia suburb is okay with me too. But if everyone wants downtown, that's cool too.

After 4PM on Sunday works great for me.

Any of those things sound doable to me. I live far out of the beltway, so anywhere is a drive and a metro trip for me, so I'm cool with anything. Bethesda? Alexandria? Arlington? It's all good.

So, it looks like you and I are the only ones free/interested and it looks like the weather is going to be craptastic on Sunday... so I'm all for bagging the whole thing, sound good?


That sounds good. I'm a little bummed but with the weather looking like it is, I don't think we have a choice.

Happy writing anyway!

That's one of the very few days in December when I COULDN'T do a write-in in the evening, but I'm sure you'll get takers!

Well, I plan on being wherever we agree on most of the day too, so if that works better for you. :)

Unfortunately, due to being multiply booked, I'm pretty much going to be burning the candle at both ends just to get the stuff I'm already committed to done. I'll write some other time - and maybe even host something, myself.

Bummer. But totally understand. That's what my November has been like. :)

...yeah, I totally missed this when you posted it. I do still want to do one! At some point!

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