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Inaugural 2014 write-in
ambyr wrote in yuletide_dc
Yuletide season again! Time to dust off this community.

Over on the write-in post, Sunday, November 16, seemed like an acceptable day to several people for the first write-in of 2014. Does that work for others? I'm open as to time; maybe 2-6 p.m.? Earlier? Later?

I continue to like Teaism Penn Quarter for its centrality to all metro lines, but does anyone else have suggestions for somewhere new to try?

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Teaism would be great. I could probably make it for a few hours - like 2 - 4:00 or thereabouts.

Okay! I'll plan on being there from 2-6, but I figure other people will show up and leave as is convenient to them.

Hey there! Just want to let you know I might not make it. The headache I woke up with is threatening to turn into a migraine. >:( Good luck with the word wrangling!

Sorry to hear it! Perhaps there will be future opportunities.

The Penn Quarter Teaism works well for me too. Any other suggestions I have are not nearly as convenient for all comers. Plus, I'm kinda addicted to the Moroccan mint tea...

Excellent. I hope the tea is inspiring!

Works great for me!

(I'm always up for excuses to buy salty oat cookies.)

I am sure cookie consumption is a vital part of the Yuletide process :-).

Seems like a possibility for me. (Here's hoping I'll have an inkling of a story idea by then!)

It'd be great to see you again :-).

FYI, for anyone in the DC area who might be interested we are having a meetup tomorrow afternoon, Sat. Nov. 15, in Ashland, which is not too far from, say, Fredericksburg.

Thread over here, but if you're not a member just message me if you're interested in the details.

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