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First 2015 DC Yuletide Write-In (and plans for second)
ambyr wrote in yuletide_dc
Saturday, November 21, seemed to work well for most people, so for a first write-in:

Teaism, Penn Quarter (unless another location is preferred?), 2-6 p.m., Saturday, November 21.

For a second write-in, several people preferred weeknights, and there were some specific votes for Fridays. I'll propose Monday, November 30, Tuesday, December 8, and Friday, December 11 as options. Vote away (or suggest other dates)!

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Nifty! I'll try to be there (gotta finish re-consuming my canon first!)

I am not going to make it this Saturday, but I'd be up for a weeknight! I can do either the 30th or the 8th (And am blocking them out on my calendar now so I can't accidentally double-book myself again :) )

I might make it if my NaNoWriMo write-in before that ends early, but probably not.

I vote for December 8 for the next one! NaNo will be over and I can really focus on Yuletide.

Great! Gives me a chance to knock out one story early.

If anyone is looking, we have a table downstairs and to the right.

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