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Second DC Write-In
ambyr wrote in yuletide_dc
It was great to see people this afternoon! For the next write-in, December 8 got the most votes, so I'm going to propose:

Tuesday, December 8
6:30-9 p.m.
The Potter's House (1658 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009)

Note the change in location! Teaism was picked to be central to the people who were coming years ago, but at this point we all seem to be located further north, so we're moving up the green line a bit.

(Also, if people want to show up earlier, feel free, of course! I just won't be there.)

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Hey, I was just at Potter's House today and noticed that they are having an author event that night from 7-9.

Maybe we should pick somewhere else? :( because I was actually excited about holding it at Potter's House.

Do you know if they hold that in the cafe or in the community space? If it's in the meeting room, it might not matter to us?

I was there on Saturday & asked the staff person at the coffee bar; he did seem to think it would be in the meeting room so we should be good.

Sweet, finally one of these that I can come out of the woodwork and make it to! I live right near Potter's House so that's an awesome location for me, but if that's booked for an event I can certainly grab the bus to wherever. :)

EDIT: and if we have lots of Green Line people, Qualia is probably a good alternative in case of venue unavailability. It's really cozy and sometimes there's a friendly cat.

Edited at 2015-11-29 05:37 pm (UTC)

Depending on how I'm feeling once I get off work next Tuesday, I'll try my best to make it. The change in location actually adds quite a bit of time to the trip for me (since I'll either have to catch a bus from somewhere or go all the way down to Gallery Place and then switch to the Green Line to go back north again), though, so I'll have to wait and see how that day goes before I'll know if I feel up to it.

Cool, it would be great to see you!

If there's locations that work better for you, feel free to plan another write-in there :-).

I'll definitely try my best to make it to this one. :)

Work just scheduled the holiday party for December 8 so it looks like I won't be able to make it. If anyone would like to join me for another time let me know.

Sorry to hear it! If you suggest some other times that work for you, maybe people will weigh in?

I'll be there! Have not been to Potter's House before.

I am beginning to think my Yuletide project is cursed.

I have just been informed that I have to work late today to cover for someone who is out sick.

Will still try to make it to the writein, but will probably be late.


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